In our contemporary society, navigating life’s complexities can be a formidable task. Our past experiences shape, direct, and impact our present existence. It’s not uncommon to feel trapped, adrift, and discontented, burdened by the daily pressures and anxieties that arise from a misalignment between societal expectations and our authentic selves. The key to liberation rests within.

Ancient healing practices in every culture use a wide range of traditional methods and techniques that have been used for centuries to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  These practices have roots in various cultures around the world and often draw on the natural elements, energy flows, and holistic approaches to health.

Taoism. Tantra. Meditation. Massage. Therapy. These are the techniques that I combine with Psychotherapy to help you find your power and experience vitality like never before. I recognise that every individual is unique, so I customize my approaches to align with the specific needs and requirements of my clients.  

If you’ve ever been curious about Tantra, intimacy, sexuality, Qi, Chakras, erotic massage, and meditation, and are seeking a fresh start in your life, you’ve found the perfect place. Allow me to work with you to tune inward and help you connect with your inner voice so that you can fully express your longings and heart desires. Together we will co-create a personalised programme for you to live a life of abundance, joy and pleasure. Allow me to help you discover yourself…

“ Sweet hearted one, meditate on

knowing and not-knowing,

existing and not-existing.

Then leave both aside

that you may be.”



Rediscover your inner self through meditation & healing touch


“Saraha took the lead and showed me the various Taoist sexual techniques he had learnt from Tao Gardens under the tutelage of Mantak Chia. We practised the Lomi lomi massage as well as the Taoist healing love exercise which I found both erotic and meditative. The Lomi lomi massage was very sensual and relaxing, with great music and movement by Saraha, it felt like he was dancing whilst giving the massage.”

— Gina, Psychotherapist, Bucharest, Romania

I really enjoyed Saraha’s transmissions. We practised all three transmissions and some of the exercises were really beautiful like the blue flame meditation. I think it would be wonderful to experience this with a real partner. I found the Chakra Breathing meditation quite intense especially on my back, so Saraha suggested some adaptations which worked. In the final transmission, we finished off with Lasya massage. All I’ll say is Wow! This should be called the slithering snake dance.

— Rachel, Self Employed, Utah, USA