Saraha has spent countless years in the study and practice of many types of massage techniques derived from both modern and ancient disciplines. His experience covers a broad spectrum of modalities and styles allowing for both a synergistic and tailored approach to the client’s specific needs.

What to expect during a Massage Session

Preceding their physical meeting, the client and Saraha would have had an online consultation where intentions and boundaries would be discussed in detail, therefore the client will have clear expectations of what they wish for and what will happen in the massage. 

Saraha will ensure that the massage room will be very ambient, lit with candles and incense and with soft music playing in the background. The client will be greeted and invited to sit opposite Saraha. Intentions will be shared again, creating a safe container for you to relax and let go. The session will begin with a Namaste and then bowing down to each other, followed by a gentle rubbing of warm organic massage oil or organic body butter onto the skin. 


The more ‘physical’ styles of bodywork include Reflexology, Swedish massage, Hawaiian Nui Lomi-Lomi massage, and Ayurvedic face massage; techniques that are especially effective in treating chronic and acute physical issues. They work by releasing tension in the muscle and stimulating and flushing the lymphatic system.

This helps to remove latent toxins that build up in the tissues, releasing stiffness in joints, tendons, and ligaments. These methods are well suited to a long-term regular programme to counter the effects of the stresses and strains of modern life. Sedentary lifestyles, processed foods, caffeine, and drugs, both recreational and pharmaceutical, all take their toll on our bodies and their systems. Regular deep and focused massage can bring our bodies back into a more balanced and healthy state, and help us to feel less aches and pains, rejuvenated, and deeply refreshed at a profound level.

Then there are the more intimate, sensual, and energetic methods.

Sensual Touch

Kashmiri Tantra Massage

This is a more ritualistic and deeply sensual method of touch and contact born out of the North Indian tradition of Kashmir Shaivism.

The formal name of this massage is ‘ Shiva Shakti -Kashmiri Tantra Massage, from the lineage of Daniel Odier and Ma Ananda Sarita. The massage begins with eye gazing to form an energetic connection, then holding hands either knees touching or sitting in Yab Yum, to form a physical bond, ready to express one’s intentions prior to the commencing of the massage. The massage has both short strokes (playing the harp) and long strokes (alternating spinal strokes), with the receiver laying in various positions; like the cradle pose resting in the giver’s lap or a pose similar to the Yab Yum position but with the receiver laying on his back, legs crossed behind the giver. Using plenty of fragrant cacao and shea body butter the giver tunes into the energy field of the receiver and spends the next 90 minutes taking them on a roller coaster journey in emotional release and bliss.

Taoist Massage

Saraha combines elements of this method along with sacred Tao practices to stimulate and release stagnant energy, or imbalance in the body. Some of the moves have beautiful names like ‘Ascending the Steps of the Jade Pagoda’ and ‘Opening the Door of the Crimson Palace’; what makes this massage even more delightful and soothing is the sweet poetry that’s recited during the massage, like ” feel my hand floating away as if pulling silk from a cocoon” and with hand on chest one says ” I’m resting my hand on virgin snow, melting it with your body heat.”

Inner Alchemy Massage

Similar to Tantra and Taoist massage, this also includes lingam and yoni massage, deep internal touch with the option of anal stimulation and prostrate massage. All internal touch is with the fingers only and with the client’s consent.

Lasya Massage

This is the ‘cherry on the cake’ of sensual erotic massages. The massage begins with gentle eye gazing, recognising the divinity in one another. Then with the rhythm of the music, both giver and receiver move their bodies slowly in a ‘Latihan’ movement, almost like seaweed on the seabed swaying and surrendering to the currents of water. Whilst in this trance-like state Saraha begins to massage body butter on the receiver’s body in a contact dance-style movement. The massage ends with the integration stage where both partners lay down in either the spoons or lovers embrace position.

“Blessed one, as senses are absorbed in the heart,

reach the centre of the lotus.”




In these sessions, the depth of intimacy and touch is guided by the client. Feeling safe and comfortable is essential to receive fully from this type of work.

Throughout the process, Saraha is dedicated to working under the three pillars of Trust, Respect and Consent. The client is in full control and cared for at all times. This type of work is very powerful, so much so, that on occasions, Saraha and the client may choose the more subtle approach to just work with the energy field that surrounds the body, with little or no actual physical contact at all.

During his training and study with renowned teachers in the field of trauma including Peter Levine, Gabor Mate, Babette Rothschild, and Betty Martin, Saraha has put a particular focus on bringing trauma and abuse awareness to his practice, acknowledging the importance of buried hurt and repression, and their effect on the body’s energy. All these elements of ancient and contemporary modalities, coupled with a grounding in therapeutic methods, allow Saraha to provide a deep and wide dimension to the unique bodywork that he practices. His clients experience a profound depth of healing and relaxation that comes from the combined elements of these practices.