In Service to Couples & Women as a ‘Daka’

The title of ‘Daka’ describes a male guide and teacher that can initiate and guide women or couples through the many aspects of Tantra, by working directly and intimately with their clients (In sacred Tantra, the preferred term for clients is ‘Devi’). This is a very intensive and powerful journey that requires extremely high levels of integrity, humility, and presence from the Daka and a capacity for deep trust, surrender and letting go from the Devi.

It is the direct connection between the Daka’s masculine, and the Devi’s feminine energies that allows for the depth of healing and attunement to happen. Working together, Daka Saraha and the Devi enter into a deep state of sensory exploration, allowing them to reach a state of profound stillness and peace. A space that most of us have either never experienced or one that is long forgotten.

Using ritual, carefully choreographed ceremony, and shared presence, Saraha guides the Devi into a place where she feels safe and held in his masculine energy allowing her to softly melt into her Divine feminine. Much can arise within the Devi as the journey deepens. Some may experience states of deep bliss and joy while at times, fear and old wounds may surface. All are welcome and accepted in the space. No emotion or response is judged or evaluated. Whatever surfaces are simply allowed and acknowledged with gentle care and compassion.

With meticulous attention to detail and using his skills and expertise from a range of ancient paths and contemporary disciplines, such as Tantra, Taoism, meditation, massage and trauma abuse therapy, Saraha has devised a three-tier programme called “The Way of the Daka” to guide clients through three phases or transmissions of initiation. They are:

Opening the Goddess
Meeting the God
Union of God and Goddess

To enhance the authenticity and integrity of his Daka service, Saraha has drawn upon the knowledge and expertise of some of the leading experts in trauma abuse and relationship therapy:

Janine Fisher - Trauma Treatment Certification
Tammy Nelson - Integrative Sex and Couples Certification Course
Jan Winhall - Treating Trauma with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model
Betty Martin - Like a Pro: Wheel of Consent for Professionals
Ercisonian Hypnosis

Saraha solemnly commits to the deepest sincerity and honour in the role of a Daka. He treats all Devis with the respect deserving of the intrinsic goddess within all women; gently encouraging and supporting the Devi through the phases of the process as she begins to experience the new possibilities available to her. More body confidence, better communication and setting of boundaries, the release of stagnant energy and emotional and physical stress, as well as the integration of a deep wisdom of the divine feminine within her.

Forget about sex. Just play first.

Dance, sing, read to each other,

breathe together – communicate.

Don’t count on sex to be the door to intimacy.

It’s the other way around:

first develop intimacy skills.

Then make love to enjoy them.”