If massage and Tantric practices are new to you, and you are either thinking of booking sessions or just curious about my services and want to know more about them, then you may find the answers on this page. If you need more answers or want to discuss various aspects in detail, we can talk. Please get in touch.

Q1: How can Tantra and Taoism benefit my life?

Taoism emphasises the idea of Wu Wei, action without action. This means that we should stop trying to force life events and let ourselves become receptive and surrender. In this way, we can bring more inner harmony, improve our health, and bring more longevity into our lives. A pioneer of Taoist methods for a better quality of life is Mantak Chia, founder of Universal Healing Tao – ‘Tao Gardens, Health Spa and Resort in Northern Thailand, whose ideas and philosophy I have used in my programme.

On the other hand, Tantra says yes to life but with awareness. Nothing is good and nothing is bad. We must not judge and fall into the trappings of duality. We should live in the present, in our senses, so that we can truly live and love our life purpose.


Q2: Are your sessions confidential?

Absolutely. All information is taken in complete confidence.

After an introductory chat on Zoom or Google Meet, we will arrange our first session. Before the session, all clients will complete an intake form which is like a questionnaire about their health, diet, exercise, and any trauma they may have experienced. This is so that I can tailor the sessions to the precise needs of my client as every client is unique.


Q3: Do I need any previous experience to book a session?

No prior experience is necessary.  Our services are tailored to meet you where you are in your journey, whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

If massage and Tantric practices are new to you, and you are either thinking of booking sessions or just curious about my services and you want to know more about them, then you may find the answers on this page. If you need more answers or want to discuss various aspects in detail, we can talk. Please get in touch.


Q4: How can I book a session?  

You can book a session after we have had our initial consultation, during which we will discuss your intentions and objectives and find a time that suits us both.


Q5: I'm interested in doing Tantra courses but my partner isn't. Are you willing to accompany me as a Tantra partner to some of these courses?

Yes, of course. I believe I will make a very adept Tantra partner as this is something that I’ve done before, and I hold several qualifications in Tantra, Taoism, and Psychotherapy which will enable me to provide you with a safe container and hold space for you.

It’s a great privilege to go deep with someone into this process and to accompany them over a longer period. I will thoroughly enjoy being a partner in your experiential journey into Tantra and I would be happy to have a conversation about this further to discuss objectives and boundaries.


Q6: I don't have a partner, but I would love to explore intimacy, trust and surrender in a Tantric soul mates couples course. Could I hire you to attend one of these courses with me so that I can have a soul mate experience? 

The word soul mate has different connotations for different people. For some, it could mean finding a life partner that they are destined to be with for the rest of their lives. However, for others, a soul mate is someone you meet at a particular juncture in your life, to motivate you and remind you of your purpose in life. With this understanding, there can be many soul mates, not just one. Thus, I’m in tune with the latter explanation of soul mate.

For those who have chosen Tantra as their path of self-development. who have a yearning to dive deeply into their Divine feminine goddess nature and to be met equally by the Divine masculine but have not found an ideal partner to explore this path with, you have the perfect opportunity to practise Tantra with a Daka like myself. I can step in and be the stand-in partner; the placeholder for the Divine masculine, so that you can find your Divine feminine expression in play with the Divine masculine, in a safe, boundaried and contained way.


Q7: If we do attend a soul mate course, is there a possibility that we can eventually become lovers? 

I intend to do my best to give you the soul mate experience. I can promise to show up completely. I have gone deeply into this work myself as a practising Tantrika so that I can be a clear mirror and hold you and meet you in this deep process from a place of unconditional acceptance, love and care. However, I do need to make it very clear that this is not the same as being a ‘soul mate life partner’. No matter how deep we go, part of the safety of the container we create is the requirement that this connection is temporary, it is boundaried and will eventually end. Therefore, we cannot become lovers or life partners.

Boundaries are vital so that the process is contained, whereby both of us can show up fully, to explore Tantra as an experience of being fully present in the moment. Without clear boundaries, there is a danger of attachment and undoing all the positive work around releasing sexual shame and trauma – obstacles to forming healthy relationships. Thus, I am the bridge, a placeholder for the Divine masculine and not the end destination.

Q8: If we do lots of courses together can you give me a discount?

The short answer is yes, but that would depend on the length of the course(s) and how long we spend together. The longer I spend with a client, especially on courses of a more intimate nature, the more focus and presence are required. Therefore, it is important to be aware that if we are spending more time together, then there has to be clear negotiated breaks and time apart for both of us to process and reconnect with ourselves.

This is to ensure that we can meet afresh, rejuvenated and nourished after connecting with our inner essence. This is so that a meeting can occur again from a heartfelt space of being connected to ourselves.


Q9: Do I have to be completely naked for any of your massages?

No, that isn’t necessary. Anything that happens between us always needs to be consensual and within our boundaries and what we’re comfortable with. So, it’s perfectly fine to be covered and for us to take this completely at your own pace. I will only go as far as you want.

You may wrap a sarong around your waist and chest or keep your underwear on. I will massage only those areas that you would like me to touch or I could even work in your auric/energy field (usually a few inches above the physical body) around those areas where you do not want to be touched. This is so that we can still explore connection, but entirely on your terms.


Q10: I've experienced trauma in the past with other male Tantra practitioners, how will you make me feel safe so that I can surrender to the Divine masculine? 

This is an important question. We will be co-creating your journey together as well as developing a container that I will hold for you according to the roles, limits and boundaries that we set. I will use the information from the consent form and our Zoom meeting to understand your background and needs to provide you with a safe space for you to consciously communicate your wishes and desires without any judgement.

You can pause the process at any time and either choose to have quiet time to yourself or request a check-in and ask for whatever support you need, I will make you feel relaxed, heard and seen. I will not touch any part of your body without your prior approval. Before we start the programme, we will do an exercise where you will be shown how to vocalise your yes and no. Although I provide the structure, you are always in charge of the session. My role is just to facilitate the process as a witness.


Q11: If Tantra is not a religion but a way of life, can you explain how Tantra can be implemented in my daily life i.e. at work, home, cooking and sex? 

Please see my blog about this ‘The Tantric Lifestyle’.


Q12: I have a great mental relationship with my partner but there is no intimacy between us. We rarely have sex and we even sleep separately. If I work one to one with you and we practise massage, bioenergetics, meditation, conscious touch and communication as mentioned in your Daka Service; then is it possible to invite my partner along to one of our sessions so that he can observe and learn these Daka techniques which may create more intimacy in our relationship?

Yes of course! That is a great idea and exactly what my work is about. When a partner is involved, I’m very happy to speak to them about boundaries and what they want to learn. I’m open to having individual sessions with either of you as clients with separate debriefs or a joint session with you and your partner, to demonstrate to him how to hold you and connect with you and to also show you how to surrender to his Divine masculinity. By seeing and witnessing the Divinity in each other during these Tantric practices, you will discover the potential of how rich and nourishing your relationship can be.