Seen as a way of life and a path to health and vitality as well as spiritual alignment, the practice of Taoist ways and philosophy are both ancient and revered in much of the East as the underlying guiding principles of life.

Similar to Tantra, Tao works with the energy centres of the body and the generated life force or ‘Qi’ that keeps our organs in balance and healthy, whatever our physical age.  Founded in the fourth century BC, Taoism was born out of the understanding of balance and harmony both without and within. This is expressed in the spiritual philosophy of Yin Yang from which Taoism emerged. Its influence has been widespread and is a principal of many ancient arts from Japanese Zen Buddhism to Chinese medicine and other healing modalities. These include Qigong, Feng Shui, Bagua and Tai Chi among many others.

Saraha has been blessed to have trained in Taoist methods and techniques such as Tai Chi, Qigong with Taoist Masters in Wudang mountains, the Taoist holy land in China and then with Mantak Chia, considered to be perhaps the greatest living master in the Taoist traditions. Having studied under him at ‘Tao Gardens, Health Spa and Resort in Northern Thailand, Saraha gained an in-depth knowledge of the many methods taught by Master Chia, among them a technique known as The Micro – Cosmic Orbit, a system of breathing energy in such a way as to create a circuit of Qi running from the perineum, up the spine to the palate, called the Governor (Yang) channel, then down the front centre of the body to the perineum again – known as The Functional (Yin) channel in a breath and energy circulation.

He also learned many other techniques including ‘Inner Smile’ where one focuses on each major organ in the body as literally expressing joy and releasing vital energy within the body. 

There is also a practice called ‘Healing Love’ in which energy circulates around the body like in the Micro – Cosmic Orbit, but as a couple, creating one energy circuit, binding the couple in mind, body and spirit. 

In addition to these practices, Saraha has also studied the three phases of ‘Iron Shirt Qi Kung”, and ‘Fusion’ – all are designed to strengthen the inner core as well as strengthening the bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments, which often begin to diminish with ill health, disease, and old age.

Saraha has dedicated many years of his life to developing these skills and arts that he now shares in his practice today.

“In ancient China, 

the Taosits taught that

a constant inner smile, 

a smile to oneself, 

insured one’s health, 


and longevity. 


Because smiling

to yourself 

is like basking in love:

You become your

own best friend.

Living with

an inner smile

is to live 

in harmony

with yourself.”