This page is a tribute to my clients, who have generously shared their personal journeys and experiences. Each one possesses a unique narrative, filled with pivotal moments that ultimately led them to me. My approach is distinctive, intertwining ancient healing methods with modern psychology and psychotherapy. Tantric practices, though immensely powerful, remain less known and practised compared to other techniques. Few are both trained and qualified in these transformative practices.

My years of travelling across the globe in pursuit of a spiritual path initially catered to my  aspirations and growth. It gradually became evident that my true calling lay in utilising my acquired wisdom and experiences to assist others, just as it had profoundly brought positive changes in my life and well-being. There is no greater fulfilment than witnessing the positive impact of these practices on those I have the privilege to meet and be of service to.

“I decided to approach Saraha for a Tantra yoni massage after recommendations from some friends about his masculine presence, integrity, and sensitive touch. I’ve had some negative experiences with men in the past and also suffered from vaginismus, so naturally, I was quite nervous. I found Saraha to be very caring, nurturing, and attentive to my needs; it allowed me to relax and let go whereby I experienced my first ever orgasm, which was absolutely amazing! beyond words. I’m truly grateful to Saraha and the Universe for this wonderful experience”. 

— Mandy – NHS worker, Liverpool, England

“Having experienced sexual trauma in the past, I was initially quite reluctant to try an intimate Tantra massage or let a man anywhere near my erogenous zones. So, for me, this was a big thing. 

Initially, Saraha and just talked and then we moved on to the topic of massage. My first session was fully clothed and began by touching the shoulders, neck, and head to prepare me slowly. In the follow-up session, I was still fully clothed in my shirt sleeves, my leggings were rolled up halfway and Saraha gently touched those areas without oil. By my third session, I was ready to remove my clothing but kept my underwear on. Using a warm fragrant mixture of coconut oil mixed with cocoa and shea butter, Saraha gently glided his hands around my body, with a lot of presence, respecting the boundaries that we had discussed. Halfway through the massage I felt relaxed and comfortable enough to remove my bra but kept my panties on throughout. Around my erogenous areas, Saraha lifted his hands, six inches above those areas. He said he was working in my auric field. 

The Kashmiri Tantra massage was phenomenal. Saraha has an amazing sensitive touch which I found deeply relaxing and pleasurable. Laying in his lap cradled like a baby and playing the harp move made me feel quite vulnerable yet allowed me to let go and trust in the process”. 

— Lucy – Health and Beauty practitioner, Leeds, England

“Transmissions 1, Opening the goddess. The tea ceremony was a nice introduction to Saraha’s transmission followed by the ‘Micro Cosmic Orbit’ and massage. I never knew that you could move energy around your body with just your intention and also heal any ailments. The sessions made me feel seen and appreciated and divine, something that has been lacking in my personal life. Thank you, Saraha, for this wonderful experience”.

— Laura – Businesswoman, Sydney Australia

“I really enjoyed Saraha’s transmissions. We practised all three transmissions and some of the exercises were really beautiful like the blue flame meditation. I think it would be wonderful to experience this with a real partner. I found the Chakra Breathing Meditation quite intense especially on my back, so Saraha suggested some adaptations which worked. In the final transmission, we finished off with Lasya massage. All I’ll say is Wow! This should be called the slithering snake dance”.

— Rachel – Self Employed, Utah, USA

“Saraha took the lead and showed me the various Taoist sexual techniques he had learnt from Tao Gardens under the tutelage of Mantak Chia. We practised the Lomi Lomi massage as well as the Taoist healing love exercise which I found both erotic and meditative. The Lomi Lomi Nui Massage was very sensual and relaxing, with great music and movement by Saraha, it felt like he was dancing whilst giving the massage”. 

— Gina – Psychotherapist, Bucharest, Romania

“After trying Saraha’s transmission 1, I wanted to explore more so I booked a weekend to try out his transmission 2 – Meeting The God. 

The most memorable part was the sensorial experience where I was blindfolded and then led into a candle-lit room with erotic music, perfume and red satin bed sheets. Saraha had prepared a platter with all kinds of delicacies ranging from chocolates, fruits, ice cream and wine. One by one and ever so sensually and slowly, he teased and tempted me first by placing niblets of fruit in my mouth dipped in red wine then pouring molten chocolate in ice cream over my lips, whispering in my ear sweet poetry in different languages. To end the session Saraha did a sexy dance to the tune of James brown. Unforgettable amazing. Thank you, Shiva.”

— Melissa – Accountant, London

“Having spent several weeks with Saraha, engaging in his creative transmissions. I browsed through the flyer he sent me about transmission 4. Out of the four ‘Deep Experiences’ I opted for the Deep Healing because I had some issues around power and control. The sessions were quite an eye-opener in relinquishing power in surrendering to the masculine and showing my vulnerability is something that doesn’t seem easy to me. Some mild “bdsm” coupled with fantasy play really took me to my edges. I played with fear and desire – Saraha was very present and attentive throughout. 

I found the plug-in exercise quite challenging, without going into too much detail Saraha embodied all the men in my life that had either hurt or oppressed me. My ex-boyfriends and boss in particular triggered me and I was given the space to express how I really felt without any judgement of holding back. I shouted, screamed, cried whilst grasping Saraha and he just looked into my eyes with this heartfelt compassion. I felt something shift for me in this exchange as if a hardened shell had finally cracked open. It took me a few days to come to grips with what happened during this intense session.”

— Karen – businesswoman, New York, USA


“ Kind devi (goddess)

enter etheric presence

pervading far above

and below your form.”